One safety aspect of warehouses that is commonly neglected is inspection of pallet racking.

It’s true that steel rack can withstand minor damages but leaving the damages un attended for a long period is risking the entire racking system and the lives of people who work in the facility.

We offer regular and systematic and documented rack safety inspections and routine maintenance services

Content of our rack safety Inspections

Damage report  recording all damage by location.
  • Damage colour coded according to SEMA reporting criteria
  • Summaries by category allowing Identification of urgent issues
  • Prioritization of remedial action
  • 'Red Risk Notices ' issued for serious defects.
  • Notes on any other relevant issues.
  • In depth report on installation and specific issues highlighted in the damage report.
  • Quotation for remedial works and undertake the works.
Call us today for a Rack Safety inspection & detailed Report Which helps you in
  • Having a storage environment safe and secure
  • Protect the materials stored in
  • Cover yourself in insurance claims for any unfortunate incidents

Check out the following you tube links of some worst warehouse collapses.

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